December 14, 2023

Are You Listening? Festival has signed up Picture Parlour, The Mysterines and more

There's plenty more to come, too.

Hype List 2024: Divorce: "Being a little cringe also means being free"

Divorce aren't trying to be cool, instead aiming for a much-needed dose of warmth and kindness.

Hype List 2024: Sekou: "You have to work, work, work for everything that you have"

With ridic buzzy co-signs, rising teen pop phenomenon Sekou's ambitions are sky-high.

Hype List 2024: NewDad: "People should be allowed to be fucking angry"

With their debut album 'Madra' on the horizon, Irish quartet NewDad are bubbling over with potential.

Hype List 2024: Nieve Ella: "I'm finding myself properly, and it's so cool to feel that"

Nieve Ella has captivated fans with her heart-on-sleeve tales and soaring anthems.

Hype List 2024: HotWax: "All we want to do is make music"

The South Coast's new rock heroes, HotWax mix effortless cool with a razor sharp edge.

Dead Pony have announced their debut album, 'Ignore This'

"It’s a record that literally dares people to ‘Ignore THIS…’"

Courting have released "something to dance to", new single 'Emily G'

Their new album is out early next year.
Empire Of The Sun have announced their first record in eight years, fourth album 'Ask That God'
renforshort has released her new project about embracing a fresh start, 'clean hands dirty water'
Wunderhorse have confirmed their biggest UK and Europe tour to date
flowerovlove has shared an obsessive new single, 'BOYS'
ZAYN has released both his new album, and a video for 'Stardust'