January 11, 2024

Mayday Parade have put a new spin on some of their singles with upcoming EP, 'Mayday Parade Lofi'

The band are touring the UK in February.

Ellie Bleach has unveiled her second EP, a concept piece that reflects on loneliness

She's also shared new single, 'Whole Lotta Nothing'.

Middle Kids have released a new single inspired by feeling a bit overwhelmed, 'Terrible News'

The band's new album is due in February.

Brooklyn punks Gustaf have announced a new album, 'Package Pt. 2'

Check out their new single 'Starting and Staring'.

Dallon Weekes has shared 'Infatuation' from his upcoming iDKHOW album

The full-length is set for release in February.

Sea Girls have released a cut from their upcoming third album - check out 'I Want You To Know Me'

The full-length is coming in June.
Empire Of The Sun have announced their first record in eight years, fourth album 'Ask That God'
renforshort has released her new project about embracing a fresh start, 'clean hands dirty water'
Wunderhorse have confirmed their biggest UK and Europe tour to date
flowerovlove has shared an obsessive new single, 'BOYS'
ZAYN has released both his new album, and a video for 'Stardust'