Alice Glass – PREY/IV

A cathartic release of stunning intensity and dark pop brilliance.

Label: Eating Glass Records
Released: 16th February 2022

Alice Glass’ legacy as an icon has long been assured, however, the bulk of her musical career spent in Crystal Castles was a time of misery and trauma in which she felt unable to express her true emotions and artistry. On ‘PREY///IV’, her debut full-length album, Alice lets everything out in a cathartic release of stunning intensity and dark pop brilliance. 

This is certainly a pop album, but it’s pop through Alice’s distorted prism. Vividly direct and pulsing with fevered emotion it sounds very now and very Alice Glass. Now held up as an icon of the anything-goes hyperpop generation, Alice emphasises her position as a sonic visionary with the soaring warped electro of ‘LOVE IS VIOLENCE’ while the punishingly hard hitting ‘FAIR GAME’ is a harrowing exorcism of the kind of abuse and mistreatment she faced in her old band. There’s also tender beauty in the gorgeous lullaby of ‘WITCH HUNT’, where she sings “I wish I could die to be reborn”.

Consider this excellent debut statement the rebirth of a true alt-pop legend. 

4.0 rating
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