ALMA – Time Machine

ALMA gets up close and personal on her second album, 'Time Machine'. 

Label: Buzzin’ Fly Records
Released: 21st April 2023

How do you follow up on a debut album unmatched in perfect pop energy and attitude? This is a question that Finnish powerhouse ALMA answers by getting up close and personal on second album, ‘Time Machine’. 

‘Time Machine’ takes us on a journey into ALMA’s past, showcasing the highs and the lows that have made her the strong, independent woman she is today. Where debut album ‘Have U Seen Her’ was a statement of her unadulterated talent and an outlook at what’s to come, her second album is looking inward, chronicling the emotional journey of a star on the rise of ALMA finding her voice. 

It’s an album seeped in intimate moments, but that doesn’t mean quiet and soft-spoken. On the contrary, ‘Time Machine’ is still very much brimming with flaming lyricism, exhilarating bridges and the soaring vocals that have become ALMA’s trademark. It’s only on very few occasions that she cuts the grandeur and steps into pure vulnerability, meeting us in an intimate confessional such as emotional centrepiece ‘Hey Mom, Hey Dad’, that sees her reflect on complex family dynamics. 

Honest and undeniably personal, ALMA has created a second album that not only reiterates the extent of her musical prowess but allows us to meet her in a different setting – off stage, “before”. Her origin story.

3.0 rating
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