APRE – A001

APRE – A001

As soon as APRE press play on their latest instalment, the streamers and balloons come out.

Label: AWAL
Released: 1st March 2022

On ‘A001’, the endlessly talented APRE are bringing the funk. Pioneers of perfect indie pop, on their nine-track mixtape, APRE craft a golden soundscape that feels drenched in glitter and pure magic. As soon as APRE press play on their latest instalment, the streamers and balloons come out: ‘A001’ is the most feel-good party of the year, and you’ve made the guest list. Congrats. 

‘All Mine’ launches the mixtape with an extra smattering of exuberance – a dizzily in love, bewildered ode to finding that person who brings so much joy into your life, ‘All Mine’ is quintessential APRE. The duo have always been masters of the art of open, no-holds-barred lyricism, and ‘All Mine’ is the perfect example. Their breathlessly romantic streak is at its most vivid here. Interestingly, it sits back-to-back with ‘You’, which navigates the loss of a relationship and the loneliness that stems from that. It’s that kind of duplicity which makes ‘A001’ so wonderful – infatuation and desolate heartbreak bristle against each other, yet neither feel out of place.

It’s perhaps because each track is filled with glorious, sky-high synths and groove-heavy guitars. They tackle varying states of emotion with both frankness and playfulness, and yet all of them are set to a consistently party-ready soundtrack. ‘Feel It’ marks one of the most joyous parts of the mixtape: it’s mischievous and light-hearted, catapulting you to a new plane of pure blissful euphoria. Even when they’re taking an inwards glance and contemplating their own character on tracks like ‘I Don’t Love You’, a winking streak of optimism remains laced in the vocals of the track. It never reaches a dull point. 

‘A001’, like any good party, ebbs and flows with different vibes and moods – it’s a rollercoaster of entertainment and different levels of fun. APRE leave you feeling rejuvenated and on a high with each movement-inspiring pulse and beat. As their blowout draws to a close, it leaves a lasting memory of pure happiness and joy that’ll undoubtedly be hard to replicate.

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