APRE – Always In My Head

Highly danceable, introspective anthems.
Released: 6th November 2020
Rating: ★★★★

APRE have honed in on an ear-catching, easy to listen to sound that is as symphonic as it is accessible and modern. ‘Always In My Head’ is a record that would be at home at a house party or a mellow summer evening alike. It’s coated in a layer of surface modesty that’s underpinned by complex production that has the potential to envelop audiences in highly danceable, introspective anthems.

Simplicity has always been the name of the game for APRE. Without the need for flamboyant lyricism, they sing frankly, with open hearts and cracking voices that cement choruses into our memories. Whether it be the repetition of a hard-hitting rhetorical question, ‘Is That Really What You Live For?’ or the earnest displays of passion in ‘Bad Boys’, many of the tracks are elevated to unavoidably catchy banger status by their earworm choruses.

But it’s in APRE’s musical depth that the album hits hardest. Because while the songs are simple in their structure, they’re vastly detailed in their composition. Boasting intricate melodies and tones that leave headphone listeners scrubbing back to take in every layer of each track. The titular track in particular features winding notes backed by manipulated samples that are begging to be explored. Amazingly, all of which is crafted by the band, who are well-versed in DIY producing. If anything, this mini-album has made it clear that APRE can make an addictively rich alt-pop sound from farm to table.

It doesn’t ask us to think too hard, whether that was APRE’s intention or not. It could be misconstrued as one-note at times, with its reliance on upbeat rhythms and twinkling melodies, but the dark backdrops tell a different story. ‘Grab My Hand’ being a prime example of the album’s potential for melancholy. Still, the sound never strays too far from the irresistible call to dance and sing along.

So, if the world’s woes seem to weigh heavy on your shoulders, reflect with ‘Always In My Head’ and lose yourself in a simplistically complex ocean of alt-pop, courtesy of your good friends, APRE.

Connor Fenton

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