Aurora – The Gods We Can Touch

The last thing you can call Aurora is boring.

Label: Decca
Released: 21st January 2022

Like the glimpse of spring on a balmy winter morning, Aurora manages to offer up a bit of hope and promises to see you through. Toting her unique blend of Scandipop, always getting lost amongst the stars and seeing what’s coming up through the ground, the otherworldly essence that follows her has found itself a whole new level on ‘The Gods We Can Touch’.

Be it indisputable ear-worms (‘Cure For Me’) or dramatic romantic exclamations (‘You Keep Me Crawling’), Aurora’s heart is always leading the way. Clocking in at fifteen tracks, it’s an expansive return and one that demands attention and often rewards such.

The only issue with such darting sounds, always changing and chopping, is that it can feel indecisive – as if it was less a case of determined expansion, and more here’s what we’ve got, love it or lump it. However, as the cinematic melds with the brilliantly constructed pop it keeps you guessing and lets the poignancy reign supreme, especially when things slow down.

The last thing you can call Aurora is boring. She’s as exciting as she is intriguing, and after seeing the world through her eyes for an hour or so, the world feels like a better place.

4.0 rating
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