BLOXX – Modern Day EP

Perhaps their most relatable body of work to date. 

Label: Scruff of the Neck
Released: 11th August 2023

Since the release of their debut single ‘Your Boyfriend’ in 2016, London-based Bloxx have been all about making meaningful, catchy indie-pop tunes – and their latest EP, ‘Modern Day’, is perhaps their most relatable body of work to date. 

Put together at the end of lockdown and through 2022, lead singer Fee Booth bares all and leaves no stone unturned. ’Weight in Gold’ is about not knowing your own self worth, while ‘Television Promises’ sounds upbeat, but its lyrics map out the problem of being addicted to our phones and a fascination with trash TV. 

‘Runaway’ feels more ‘classic BLOXX’; it’s catchy, with the kind of melody you can imagine being played to crowds of people in garishly bright Hawaiian shirts under the very best sunshine British weather could possibly offer up. It’s an instant reminder of why the group have done so well for themselves.

On ‘Modern Day’, BLOXX prove that it’s possible to take on serious themes without losing your indie-pop sparkle.

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