Bodega – Shiny New Model

An impressive display of how far Bodega have come.
Label: What’s Your Rupture?
Released: 11th October 2019
Rating: ★★★★

It feels like it was only last week when Bodega first drove into view with a whip and a crack, the immediate hook that meant all eyes were fixed squarely on the New York natives. Yet it makes sense that standing still and regrouping isn’t really their forte, so here comes ‘Shiny New Model’ – a mini-album of tracks that act as a tantalising sample menu for where they go next.

A sample menu really is the best way to approach it. There are undeniable signs of growth at every turn, a band sounding tighter than ever and exploring new melodic grounds in the process. The title-track itself shines brightest, a meatier proposition than anything they’ve done before but still packed with that undeniable charm and wit that captures every tint they possess. ‘Treasures Of The Ancient World’ glistens with that American alt-rock twinkle you’ve come to hear over the years, while ‘Knife On The Platter’ rumbles over menacing basses and ripping guitar lines. 

With the short fire bursts of ‘Realism’ and ‘Domesticated Animal’ leading the way for long-jam versions of previous album track ‘Truth Is Not Punishment’ – ‘Shiny New Model’ is an impressive display of how far Bodega have come. As tasters go, it’s a delicious one – and leave you wanting the next course right away.

Jamie Muir

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