Bombay Bicycle Club – My Big Day

This is Bombay Bicycle Club at their best.

Label: Mmm… Records
Released: 20th October 2023

Beloved indie darlings Bombay Bicycle Club are back with a beautiful bang. ‘My Big Day’ explores a more offbeat sound alongside the familiar, cosy indie-rock they’re loved for. Endearing, dreamy, yet in places boisterous, a sense of lopsidedness run throughout the album, as is true to the group’s quirky yet always cohesive style. Blessed with the divine ability to experiment with sound yet maintain their signature flair, ‘My Big Day’ is a complete joy.

Opening with the bright ‘Just A Little More Time’, airy echoes of Jack Steadman’s sugar-sweet vocals repeat sporadically through the track in a refreshingly less structured, more improvisational format for the group. Plunging into a darker, more brooding state, ‘I Want To Be Your Only Pet’ builds a heavy, haunting sound as cymbals and drums crash together in a beautifully raucous medley of instruments, to the backdrop of gurgling, distorted vocals. Transitioning into more familiar territory with a refreshing synthy quirkiness, ‘Tekken 2’ is heartwarming, dizzyingly sweet and dorky, as cutesy lyrics talk about playing a video game with someone you like. This is Bombay Bicycle Club at their best.

While it is thematically not all sunshine and rainbows, the album still feels like a warm hug, as the indie veterans once again manage to bottle sunshine. The captivating ‘Diving’ featuring Holly Humberstone is dazzlingly decadent, offering up fuzzy first love flashbacks. Notably, the sensational ‘Heaven’ with Damon Albarn is a delicate surprise, as are Albarn’s sun-drenched vocals. With winter fast approaching, we can thank Bombay Bicycle Club for this one last ray of 2023 sunshine.

4.0 rating
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