Boy Azooga – 1,2, Kung Fu!

'1,2, Kung Fu!' could very well be one of the most stylish and heartwarming albums of the year.

‘1,2, Kung Fu!’ could very well be one of the most stylish and heartwarming albums of the year.

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Boy Azooga - 1,2, Kung Fu

Label: Heavenly Recordings
Released: 8th June 2018
Rating: ★★★★

The story of Boy Azooga feels like one that has played out very quickly. Since January, they’ve been everywhere – jumping and darting into frame whenever possible and brimming with all the excitement that the hype train brings. It’s understandable why, ‘Face Behind Her Cigarette’ and ‘Loner Boogie’ are certified heavy hitters, brandishing hidden intrigue and sweet hooks that have you wrapped in their world right from the get-go. It’s a fair wonder then, what exactly a debut album can bring to the table. Led not by the voice of frontman Davey Newington but by his mind instead, ‘1,2, Kung Fu!’ delivers on the hype and more – a stunning album that manages to sound distinctively fresh yet undeniably classic at the same time.

From the serene sunrise of the Simon & Garfunkel melodies of ‘Breakfast Epiphany’ to the sharp shuffles of ‘Taxi To Your Head’, its all delivered in a distinctive voice. That of an assured and unrelenting creative jumping between eras whilst owning the sound they’ve created. Each joyous hook feels like it could have been written by a classic songwriter of times past, ‘Losers In The Tomb’ and the cosmic ‘Waitin’ are crooning masterpieces that blend every sound they can find into a gorgeous cocktail, whilst standout ‘Jerry’ is a stop-in-the-tracks trip designed to smooth you in your tracks.

Ultimately, ‘1,2, Kung Fu!’ is a record born to defy expectations. Boy Azooga aren’t just the happy go lucky charmers, but a deeply layered and dynamic band revelling in creating their own world and slowly revealing it to everyone peaking in. With the debut album, they’ve created a record that begs to be poured over, played again and again whilst gazing up at the stars. No boundaries and no settling, it could very well be one of the most stylish and heartwarming albums of the year – and above all else, is the sound of a band only just getting started. Classic sums it up pretty bloody well. Jamie Muir

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