Caity Baser – Thanks For Nothing, See You Never EP

Pop chaos in the best tradition.

Label: EMI Records/Chosen Music 
Released: 17th February 2023

Personality defines the very best pop stars and Caity Baser has it in bucketfuls. Every single second of her new EP ‘Thanks For Nothing, See You Never’ is brimming with exuberant, brash energy from a 20-year-old who’s ready to both define a generation and pick it up, tip it upside down, shake it all about and shove a custard pie in its face. Chaos, essentially. Pop chaos in the best tradition.

Of course, all of this would be nothing without the songs and chops to back up the attitude and Caity has that in abundance. Brimming with a cocksure self-assurance, Caity delivers her whip-smart lyrics with a knowing wink as she chronicles her life and adventures as a teenager into young adulthood in a resonant way that everyone can identify with. 

Caity’s pop personality emphasises qualities that are too often diminished or sanded down in favour of polished shine. There’s humour, cheekiness and a snotty bratty abrasiveness that gives her a spark that transcends mere TikTok vitality. Each song here is a winner in different ways, from the whistling jauntiness of ‘X&Y’ to the turbo charged sugar rush of ‘Feel More Okay’, which sounds like the most thrilling fairground ride brought to life, to the twinkling blissful pop of ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ that shows Caity can do widescreen emotion too.

This is the sound of now and the sound of an ascendant pop star unafraid to be exactly who she wants to be.

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