Caro – Burrows

It's hard not to get stuck in their deserted, but magical, fairground.

Label: Yala Music
Released: 4th December 2020

Encompassing an expansive, spacey sound, diversely witty lyrics and a folkloric aspect that’s highly intriguing, ‘Burrows’ is the debut album from Caro. 

‘Fall Apart’ is a particularly delicious track to uncover, with quirky, amusing lyrics (“a penny for your thoughts / a pound for your anxiety”), and a post-pop, danceable sound that is entirely at odds with the colourful subject matter. Insistent but childlike percussion mixed with soft vocals, it is over before you’ve really uncovered the core of the track, shifting from under your feet like water. 

‘Form A Line’ is completely different, a pertinent reflection on what goes on in a dictator’s head. Single ‘Cat’s Pyjamas’ is another standout, with Morrissey-levels of self-destructiveness wrapped up in casually addictive sonics. 

Closing track ‘Figure Me Out’ is more hard-hitting, despite being lyrically softer around the edges. Honest without being overpowering, this track is Caro’s debut at its best: whimsically sad, full of kookiness, and an intense poetic nostalgia that is only amplified by the band’s playful sonic exploration and frontman Adam Pardey’s soft, searching vocals. 

‘Burrows’ is full of hidden shadowy figures – it’s seductive to explore Caro’s eerie joviality throughout, and it’s hard not to get stuck in their deserted, but magical, fairground.

3.0 rating
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