Corey Taylor – CMF2

It's personal. It's passionate. Most of all, though, it's a pleasure to listen to.

Label: Decibel Cooper / BMG
Released: 15th September 2023

Corey Taylor is one of the most famous rock vocalists in the world. From revolutionising metal with Slipknot, to writing best-selling novels and appearing on QI (yes, really), he now brings us the sequel to his 2020 debut album, ‘CMF2’ – and no, there are no prizes for guessing what the MF stands for…

This record twists and turns through all of rock’s subgenres. Heavy metal drums are merged with filthy glam-rock guitar licks in ‘Post-Traumatic Blues’. Meanwhile, classic American rock transports you to a road trip through the Midwest in ‘Breath of Fresh Smoke’. These sonically huge tracks are interspersed with respite in the form of ‘Sorry Me’ and ‘Beyond’, which allow Taylor to show his immense vocal range.

While it is lyrically vulnerable, discussing mental health in ‘Midnight’ and delving into the world of satire in ‘We Are The Rest’, the overwhelming feeling on this album is fun. The variety of instruments used – there’s mandolin in ominous opening track ‘The Box’ – alongside the layering of guitar tracks, gang vocals, and his trademark use of hellish imagery and wonderfully foul language, all point to a fear-free project where Taylor not only experiments but thrives.

The artwork for ‘CMF2’ references every previous incarnation of Taylor’s career, and this album is a glorious celebration of all of these eras. The rabid urgency of Slipknot and the classically melodic Stone Sour are all present on this album, but this is still altogether different. It pays tribute to both 1980s rock giants and the grimy, grungy metalcore that soared in the 1990s and early 2000s. It does all this but is still unique.

It’s personal. It’s passionate. Most of all, though, it’s a pleasure to listen to.

4.0 rating
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