Craig Finn – We All Want The Same Things

A perfect example of Finn's songwriting abilities.

Craig Finn - We All Want The Same Things

A perfect example of Finn’s songwriting abilities.

Label: Partisan
Released: 24th March 2017
Rating: ★★★★

In classic Craig Finn fashion, with ‘We All Want The Same Things’ he propels us through worlds of stories and lives that could very well be our own. Building upon his last solo album, ‘Faith In The Future’, The Hold Steady frontman discovers depth in the inane and finds its soundtrack to be perfectly composed rock music.

It’s easy to find yourself hooked by his lyricism, getting lost in it and building imagery around your own ideas. These are songs that are meant to be played out like films with their characters taking centre stage in the replication of your life.

His subject matter generally lies around the idea of people trying to find each other and getting lost along the way. ‘God Is In Chicago’ is a piano-driven ballad of loss where the album finds its title beautifully, while ‘Preludes’ is the catchiest moment bordering on a dark pop side with its melodic.

The one underlying theme throughout album recalls the title – while our stories may differ, our sounds may vary, really we all just want the same things. A perfect example of Finn’s songwriting abilities with a more than pleasing soundtrack. Steven Loftin

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