Crows – Silver Tongues

Crows have delivered on every promise and sweaty gig.
Label: Balley Records
Released: 22nd March 2019
Rating: ★★★★

It feels like we’ve been waiting for a Crows album for a while. Whether it’s catching them hanging off ceilings, flying into crowds or lighting up the sort of reactions most bands would only dream of – it’s always felt like Crows could end up being the sort of band consigned to the memories of those who bore witness to them live. Of great potentials and thoughts of “what if?” It’s why ‘Silver Tongues’ is being welcomed with such vigour, a debut album that has the tough task of capturing the essence, sweat and power they’ve been serving up in venues up and down the land. What makes it so great is that it doesn’t focus on doing that, but more-so sits as an album of drenched darkness and intoxicating rawness.

There’s a wrapped aura throughout of imposing darkness and kicking against the world, deeply layered and warped with the piercing calls of frontman James Cox leading the charge like a beacon driving them forward. The pointing ‘Wednesday’s Child’ is a prime example, unravelling more and more as it surges through, while the album’s title track sounds like an anthem ripping against itself before exploding across the room in passionate pounds. ‘Hang Me Drive’ stomps with an unstoppable ease, ‘Empyrean’ rocks to and fro like its calling out everyone in the room staring whilst on the epic ‘First Light/False Face’, Crows showcase their penchant for Nick Cave masterpieces – growing into a mountain-sized cinematic jaw-dropper. Yet it’s the centrepiece of the record, the one-two of ‘Crawling’ and ‘Chain Of Being’ that triggers scenes the most, the former a long-time fan favourite that feels as vital now as it did on first listen whilst the latter perfectly breathes with the ambition they have – erupting into a glorious finale that’ll trigger goosebumps on goosebumps.

An album that deserves to be turned up loud, it’s a testament to Crows that they’ve delivered on every promise and sweaty gig they’ve mastered to form an album with an almighty statement to make. For every show and every moment – ‘Silver Tongues’ delivers, and more.

Jamie Muir

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