Dayglow – People In Motion

Through a loose and abstract new album, Dayglow’s joyful mission still remains intact.

Label: AWAL
Released: 7th October 2022

After two very self-focused albums, Sloan Struble takes a step back out of focus to allow an abstract shape to form through pop tunes that take another step forward in his concentrated journey as a songwriter and producer – this is even implied through the ominous but colourful artwork that takes him out of the literal picture.

Opener ‘Second Nature’ shows this immediately, shrouding an upbeat vocal in chirping distortion. Still working as a one-man unit, Dayglow achieves a sound that might otherwise take an entire studio. The virality of ‘Can I Call You Tonight?’ imposed some pressure on second record ‘Harmony House’ – “is anyone going to listen?” Sloan wondered. With his doubts settled, he moves on with a bold but universal new sound.

Key singles ‘Then It Goes Away’ and ‘Deep End’ detail a broader commentary on his own position and discomfort, the songs discussing learning to endure conflict until it inevitably fades and consequently being able to enjoy even the most overwhelming of moments. Wholesome stuff, as always. The former of these specifically formed in the Dayglow studio in less than a day, resulting in emotion being dispelled at full charge.

‘Radio’ is an express shipment of pure glee, showing his joyful mission only growing now that he has realised his position as a performer, and the vigorous melodies continue on standout cut ‘Stops Making Sense’. Despite creating a looser collection of tunes than ever before, Sloan’s love for his wife – high school sweetheart Reagan Liddell – permeates throughout, and even features more directly as a charmingly sweet closing message; the larger-than-life listen becomes personal once more.

23-years-old and still figuring things out, Dayglow is clearly open to trying new things and upping his own ante with every minute he spends in his bedroom studio. As an uplifting product of his solo labour, ’People In Motion’ becomes a concentrated beckoning, asking listeners to let go of resentment and trust that things will work out – something that Sloan has finally started to do himself, too.

4.0 rating
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