Divorce – Heady Metal EP

Their message of embracing your humanity is never lost.

Label: GRAVITY / EMI Records
Released: 17th November 2023

Stepping away from what you know is a difficult move no matter who you are, but it’s something Divorce have taken in their stride as they divert from the character studies of their earlier works and instead embrace all the elements of being human across the six tracks that make up their new EP, ‘Heady Metal’.

There’s vulnerability from the second the play button is pressed. ‘Sex on the Millenium Bridge’ is a gorgeous opener with its slow-paced melodies and lyrics about messing up and being held accountable, while ‘Birds’ isn’t actually about the feathered creatures but rather uses them as a metaphor to remind both the band and their listeners to cut themselves some slack. The rest of the tracks follow suit, each taking a moment to answer to a different feeling or situation, such as our emotional responses to different scenarios (‘Eat My Words’).

The four-piece may have shifted slightly away from what they know, but their message of embracing your humanity is never lost, and the signature elements of their discography, like jangly guitars, stay put throughout.

4.0 rating
Total Score
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