Doe – Some Things Last Longer Than You

An album of defiance and determination.

Doe - Some Things Last Longer Than You

An album of defiance and determination.

Label: Specialist Subject
Released: September 9th 2016
Rating: ★★★★★

Turning the scathing into something sensational, Doe are making an art form out of pent up anger. Rooted firmly in their convictions of the way they see the world, the trio’s debut album is an outwards demonstration of their very essence. Burning through the thoughts that weigh on their minds with a fiery magnetism, be it angry, confused, audacious, or assured, ‘Some Things Last Longer Than You’ is thirty-six minutes of bona fide liberation.

Embarking on a freewheeling quest for personal space on ‘Monopoly’, the outfit’s “succinct” summary of having “grown to hate your face” is a perfect example of their unfailingly charismatic humour. Tackling the very real instances and issues that plague them, there’s a certain weight to their words – kicking out against phony macho dominance in ‘Sincere’, for example. But delivered as if with a knowing wink and a wry smile through the duelling harmonies of Nicola Leel and Jake Popyura, the music takes on an addictively freewheeling spirit.

Whether it’s finding calm within chaos on ‘Last Ditch’, or igniting their own motivation on ‘Anywhere’, this record is an album of defiance and determination. Strong of heart right from the start, Doe are trashing the template and paving their own way to success. Turn it up loud and scream along at the top of your lungs, ‘Some Things Last Longer Than You’ was made to be echoed proud. Jessica Goodman

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