DZ Deathrays – Positive Rising Pt. 2

'Positive Rising: Part 2' effectively draws a two-part saga to a close.

Label: Alcopop!
Released: 9th July 2021

Brisbane-based band DZ Deathrays are hammering home a wall of punk rock electricity in ‘Positive Rising: Part 2’, the climactic finale to their last album in July 2019 that left us on tenterhooks for almost two years. Acting as a call to arms, this album lights a fire under the feet of its listeners by drilling in new philosophies on post-modern living with the help of intense post-punk riffing.

Although written partially in 2017 by co-vocalists Shane Parsons and Lachlan Ewbank, their messages of division and political alienation still stand true as ever at the time of release. Although their heavy doom-rock can give the impression that DZ Deathrays are telling you to give up hope, ‘Positive Rising: Part 2’ is actually insisting you do the opposite. ‘Make Yourself Mad’ is the key to this, calling on us to do away with the negativity we force upon ourselves through the media. The lyrics are straight to the point, “Get off the internet, turn down the noise, no more 60 Minutes, don’t let them have a voice.” It’s blunt and imperative, which pairs well with the elegantly brutal guitar work that accompanies the message.

Despite being so heavily laden with meaning and intent, the album still plays like a lot of fun thanks to boisterous percussion from Simon Ridley that forces listeners to throw themselves into the rhythm of every track. ‘All Or Nothing’ and ‘Riff City’ play like good-natured mosh music that begs you to thrash around and accidentally punch an unexpecting fellow gig-goer.

‘Positive Rising: Part 2’ effectively draws a two-part saga to a close by providing clear commentary on the times we live in, building surreal soundscapes and creating bangers that are humming with life, through and through.

3.0 rating
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