Eades – Delusion Spree

'Delusion Spree' is an absolute rampage, start to finish.

Label: Heist or Hit
Released: 4th March 2022

That first hiss of a firework as it sparks and fizzes is always something a bit magical and alarming. The promise of explosivity to come is something incredibly alluring. That’s precisely what the first few notes of ‘Reno’, the opener of Eades’ debut album ‘Delusion Spree’, feels like. It crackles and erupts into startling life, assuring that a burst of volatile action is on the cusp of being unleashed. 

‘Delusion Spree’ is an absolute rampage, start to finish. It stomps into life with a frenetic sense of urgency that it never quite shakes off. ‘Backseat Politic’ feels distinctly early 2000s garage rock, but Eades deliver it with such an urgency that it feels completely their own. It all feels like a headlong rush on an impulse – as though these tracks were brought to swirling life on a perfect, spontaneous whim. 

Part of that seems to stem from the pure thrill Eades seem to get from playing. Recorded live, ‘Delusion Spree’ captures the intensity and giddiness that seeps from each band member. ‘Saying Forever’ is a funk-leaning moment, whilst ‘Parachute Games’ seems to epitomise their lyricism best: it’s resonant and self-aware and yet directly to the point and never shying away from bluntness. 

‘Sundays’ sees the whirl of Eades’ storm come to an abrupt halt. It’s no steady easing off the accelerator, but that full-pelt nature is what makes ‘Delusion Spree’ so dynamic. It’s relentlessly chaotic and fearless, hurtling in such a manner that you fear you could never keep up. And yet, it’s always, always under control: it’s fun and reckless and spiralling in an abundance of unpredictable directions. There’s no telling which direction Eades might pull you in next – all that is certain is that it’ll be bubbling with effervescence and pure ecstasy.

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