Egyptian Blue – A Living Commodity

A biting, offbeat artwork guaranteed to turn heads.

Label: Yala! Records
Released: 27th October 2023

Brooding and tenacious, the debut album from Egyptian Blue is a biting, offbeat artwork guaranteed to turn heads. Combining pace and pathos, the group worm their way into your mind with a searing sound that demands to be heard. Unflinching and persistent, each track moves forward with fabulous ferocity, travelling towards a destination unknown. Echoey riffs and gruff vocals blend together seamlessly, combining the drawl of Fontaines DC and the brash noise of Foals, forging a sound that is entirely theirs.

Each track is varied yet feels cohesive, as the group’s signature sound consistently shines, marking their distinctive, expertly honed identity. The stunning ‘Skin’ is off-kilter, sinister and panicked, with sporadic vocals and persistent, screeching guitars. As the lyrics hauntingly call, “I don’t want to wear this skin any more”, it’s wonderfully chilling. The delicate, ethereal ‘A Living Commodity’ spawns a vast soundscape, with gently crashing cymbals and rumbling guitars adding a detailed texture throughout. The group’s weighty sound and lyrics suspend the listener in a dream-like state of being, enveloping us into a sonic world you’ll never want to leave.

The group repeatedly abandon traditional song structure for untraveled roads, yet each track feels harmonious, never disjointed or stilted. If you think you know what to expect from this album, think again. Prepare to be immersed in the brutal yet brilliant sound of Egyptian Blue; there are worlds waiting to be discovered within their music.

4.0 rating
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