Feet – Walking Machine EP

A generous mix of approaches and structures builds this into a charming release.

Label: Nice Swan
Released: 6th August 2021

Feet have returned with an eagerly anticipated EP ‘Walking Machine’ to follow up their 2019 debut album, and fortunately, the time away was not spent hiding but instead dedicating to manifesting a fresh sense of coherence.

Stepping on with an aptly-titled ‘crease-pop’ sound, the four-piece match pop hooks with an indie edge, soft melodies with gritty delivery, and the result is a tighter act that also maintains their ambitious sprawl of guitar tones.

Lead single ‘Peace & Quiet’ paves the way forward with a tune that is anything but; roaring instrumentals fuel the fire for George Haverson’s ever-snarling vocal performance, which is a true standout. Screeching guitars and wavering basslines provide the punch factor alongside breakdown sections that vary the pace and keeping things dynamic.

‘Library’ then morphs into a joyful track that diverges from Feet’s usual sense of audacity. Rhythm guitar fills out the soundscape, and a deep, loud vocal backing absorbs the lead to generate timeless energy – this song could be from the 70s or 00s, but either way, it’s going on 2021’s summer playlists.

A generous mix of approaches and structures builds this into a charming release, utilising its medium precisely as it was intended. Distinguished and understated performances from the whole group hone in on the raucousness for a deliberately focused sound that leaves us keenly craving more.

4.0 rating
Total Score
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