Fickle Friends – Weird Years (Season 2) EP

What comes next has never felt so important.

Label: Cooking Vinyl
Released: 7th May 2021

After a successful semi-reboot, here comes the sequel for Fickle Friends in their series of ‘Weird Years’ EP’s. Continuing in a similar vein to January’s ‘Season 1’ EP, Natti and the gang are still exploring life in this weirdest of years – but ironically, just like the rest of us as we emerge from Lockdown 3.0, it suffers at points from feeling a little bit like we’ve been here before, while at others, not seeming quite sure about what comes next.

Opener ‘Not In The Mood’ is classic Fickle Friends in its bright and summery boppiness, Natti’s description of it being ‘a sad song in party clothes’ capturing both sides of their personality perfectly. But if anything, it is in that sense of sticking close to their trademark sound that makes it feel like it’s holding them back slightly. It’s comforting, it’s safe, perhaps a little too safe. Thankfully, the rest of the EP does explore new character arcs. ‘Turns Me Bad’ finally takes flight just when it seems that they are taking their collective feet off the accelerator, while ‘Cosmic Coming Of Age’ carry hints of 90s pop along for the ride as it deals with the life worries that creep in as your thirties begin to loom on the horizon. Chuck in the pop-punk guitars of ‘Won’t Hurt Myself’, and there’s plenty to play with here though it can’t help but feel a little disjointed.

Missing some of the bigger banger moments from ‘Season 1’, this short sequel feels more like a band that are still working out what direction they want to go in next rather than a finished article. What comes next has never felt so important.

3.0 rating
Total Score

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