FLOHIO – No Panic No Pain

A mission in unfiltered, turbulent energy.

Released: 27th November 2020

Explosive is the name of the game when it comes to FLOHIO and her new mixtape, ‘No Panic No Pain’ is absolutely no exception. Ignited by a fieriness that practically knocks you off of your feet, ‘Unveiled’ is by far some of the South Londoner’s strongest yet – it sees the rapper virtually aflame.

Despite the unwavering blaze carrying the mixtape, opening track ‘FLOFLO!’ is an initial moment of vulnerability and a confrontation of faults. The track allows you roughly 40 seconds of preparation before you’re rapidly catapulted into FLOHIO’s heady rush of introspection. Each track feels like another piece of the jigsaw portraying exactly who FLOHIO is. Whilst the tone is decisively ruminative, it simultaneously feels as though an electric current pulses throughout. Dark, electronic beats and ridiculously smart lyrics combine to make a mixtape that is totally exhilarating.

Part of that exhilaration stems from the whirlwind esque nature of the mixtape. FLOHIO’s sound is constantly evolving and expanding in different directions, and it is hard not to feel caught up in each twist and turn. ‘Unveiled’ sees FLOHIO insist on the need for “more hype, more rage” repeatedly – but her mixtape provides exactly that. It’s a mission in unfiltered, turbulent energy, and one that seems to cement FLOHIO as one of the most exciting names in music right now.

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