Foy Vance – Signs Of Life

A truly sincere piece of work that is as relatable as it is inspiring.

Label: Gingerbread Man Records
Released: 10th September 2021

Foy Vance brings us an era of reawakening with new album ‘Signs of Life’. Written at a time when struggled with addiction to alcohol and painkillers, ‘Signs of Life’ is an uplifting re-birth. With assistance from fellow Northern Irish producer Gareth Dunlop, it’s an intense reflection upon life, coming to terms with his demons to create a stunning testimony to resilience.

‘Signs of Life’ marks Foy Vance’s own soft revolution with a gorgeous humility. Opening track ‘Sapling’ sets the scene for the album, with every chapter offering an open and honest portrayal of the ups and downs life brings. From the haunting ‘If Christopher Calls’ to the more upbeat ‘Hair of the Dog’, it’s packed with beauty and reflection, conveying the struggles of life with a smooth ease you can’t help but be drawn to.

A simplistic, well-rounded production gives a clean sound, focusing on the warm, comforting tones of Foy’s vocals. Like an old soul passing down his knowledge, the rich sound gives a sense of warmth and gentle understanding. This album is a humble reflection on Foy Vance’s life experience; a truly sincere piece of work that is as relatable as it is inspiring.

While the superstitious amongst us may question the 13-track album length, this is yet another canny detail ‘Signs of Life’ offers. We make our own luck in life – and this album is a testament to this. At a time we’re all re-emerging into society ourselves, this is the perfect soundtrack for those weary moments. Foy Vance has bared his soul for us once again, and it is more beautiful than ever.

4.0 rating
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