Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Sticky

The sound of a man and his band loving life.

Label: AWAL
Released: 15th October 2021

Four albums in with his infamous Rattlesnakes and Frank Carter shows no signs of slowing down.

‘Sticky’ is the sound of a man and his band loving life with some mates popping in. The visceral ‘My Town’ is the best IDLES track they’ve never written so it’s only appropriate that frontman Joe Talbot pops up. ‘Take It To The Brink’ is classic Rattlesnakes turned up to 11 and the Lynks featuring ‘Go Get A Tattoo’ is an ode to… well, you can probably guess. 

There is however an element of doing things by numbers at this point from Carter & co. There’s nothing here particularly new, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You know what you’re getting from Frank and his venomous friends at this point and that is serviceable rock music which will work much better live. Good thing lockdown’s over – as Frank points out on the aforementioned ‘Go Get A Tattoo’ – so these songs can breathe better on the stage.

3.0 rating
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