GAYLE – a study of the human experience volume one EP

‘a study of the human experience volume one’ is packed with attitude.

Label: Atlantic Records
Released: 18th March 2022

If there’s one thing a pop star needs, it’s attitude – and there’s no suggestion GAYLE lacks any of that.

Her first collection, ‘a study of the human experience volume one’, is packed with it. From the ubiquitous chart topper ‘abcdefu’ to the cutting thrust of ‘ur just horny’, that swagger is enough to carry her far.

More interesting still is ‘z’ – a team up with UPSAHL and Blu DeTiger. An alternate universe girl band who get shit done, those shared sparks elevate all involved to a whole new level.

There’s no doubting GAYLE’s got main character potential – the next steps will prove if it’s the kind that sticks around for the long haul.

3.0 rating
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