Georgia – Seeking Thrills

She's still lightyears ahead, just having a lot more fun this time around.
Label: Domino
Released: 10th January 2020
Rating: ★★★★★

After releasing an absolute belter of an album in 2015, Georgia went quiet for a few years (don’t they all these days?), but rest assured, going off the radar doesn’t mean she’s letting us forget about her, especially not on an album like ‘Seeking Thrills’.

While her debut was an experimental exercise in pop, pulling inspirations from practically every corner of the globe and resulting in a glitchy, industrial, electro, talk-singy record (whew), ‘Seeking Thrills’ takes that and injects it with a major dose of fun.

When she appeared back on ‘the scene’ in late 2018 with the explosive ‘Started Out’, Georgia made it clear she was well and truly back, and she’d also been out for a boogie.

Undoubtedly, this album’s brightest spark is ‘About Work The Dancefloor’, coming in fast at Track 2 to remind you it’s a bloody banger. With it’s looping synths, twinkly keyboards and absolute nonsense hook, it’s so infectious and as joyous as a Carly Jeppo sadbanger.

That MIA attitude and delivery from Georgia’s self-titled debut is still there on ‘Mellow’ and ‘Ray Guns’, but this time with a shiny PC Music spin. ‘Mellow’, also featuring a verse from Shygirl, is particularly groovy, even if we’ve no idea what she’s on about again.

A little tenderness creeps in on ‘Til I Own It’, a chugging ballad that should certify Georgia a proper pop star. If you weren’t convinced of Georgia’s versatility after her debut, ‘Seeking Thrills’ probably won’t convince you of it either, but only because this record goes way more full ‘cool indie pop’ than eclectic and experimental. She’s still lightyears ahead, just having a lot more fun this time around.

On the other hand, if all you’re looking for is a solid groovy dance record that’s every bit euphoric and melancholic, ‘Seeking Thrills’ is it.

Abigail Firth

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