Girlhood – Girlhood

As beautifully magical as it is deeply human.
Label: Team Talk Records
Released: 23rd October 2020
Rating: ★★★★

Two years after their debut EP, Tessa and Christian of Girlhood have found their way back to one another to bring us their debut self-titled album. There is a certain feeling that blooms when hearing Tessa Cavanna’s voice, it hits you with a strange nostalgia and brings you comfort simultaneously. It is the perfect music for when you need a moment to just stop and think, or when you just want to stop thinking altogether and let the music wash over you like a wave of soulfulness. With its mix of sometimes gritty lyrics and gospel backing vocals, alongside the euphoric beats you can hear the emotions dripping through every word. 

Each track has a different, organic introduction making the album unpredictable, you cannot guess which direction the next track will go, but they all manage to sustain that same, inspiring vibe from start to finish. There is a diverse range of styles packed neatly into every song, but the typical Britishness does not fail to shine through in Tessa’s vocals. The album is familiar in the way the inspirations are clear, but there is also an originality in the combination of genres and themes explored. From the healing message in ‘Queendom’ to the reflective storytelling in ‘Bad Decisions’, Tessa and Christian have created something dazzling. 

It is clear that this album was brewed purely from a strong love of music, and its exploration of womanhood and relations is as beautifully magical as it is deeply human.

Beth Lindsay

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