glaive – i care so much that i dont care at all

Brimming with confidence and an innate bratty exuberance.

Label: Interscope/Polydor Records
Released: 14th July 2023

glaive is still only 18. This might be hard to believe considering he’s been making waves for a good few years now. Ever since he uploaded his first song to SoundCloud in April 2020 it’s been clear that glaive is an instinctive and precocious talent. It’s always been hard to capture just what glaive is doing though. Originally pegged within the hyperpop lane, this has turned out to be something of a red herring. On his debut album ‘I care so much that I don’t care at all’ (great title, btw) it becomes crystal clear what glaive is. He’s a rock star. 

Brimming with confidence and an innate bratty exuberance, glaive imbues his scrappy yet beguilingly detailed pop punk and emo fuelled blasts with all the passion and vitality of youth on anthems like ‘the prom’ and killer singles ‘the car’ and ‘as if’. 

Normal convention would suggest that a debut album is the first step in an evolution for an artist but for glaive, evolution is constantly happening. Trying to navigate growing up and finding his way in the world, his debut record highlights how far he’s come and the sonic evolution of his music. A journey from making niche, experimental sounds into some of the biggest and most widescreen pop rock anthems you could hope to hear.

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