Grand Pax – Wavey EP

A euphoric, blissful and genre-bending three-track second EP.

Label: Blue Flowers
Released: 20th November 2020

Although 2020 hasn’t been the best year for most, singer-songwriter Grand Pax has already dropped her debut three-track EP and is now following it up with another genre-fluid success story that utilises understated production and an untraditional vocal performance to provide 9 minutes and 31 seconds of bliss that would be a perfect soundtrack for a quiet sunset.

Thematically exploring movement, ‘Wavey’ embraces this fully through vivid yet warped synths and production that mean the soundscape never stays still quite long enough for you to focus on it; almost like a dream, or as Pax explains, “imagine following a shadow through a crowded space, loud music and lights marring your vision.”

‘ATV’ gets moodier with spiky backing riffs, but ‘Trip’ is where the EP culminates in a much darker atmosphere than explored previously, with slower beats and haunting whispering words. You could describe this as electro-pop, alt-indie, and even R&B leaning, but Pax’s true staple is her fluidity which comes across sharply here.

Although the runtime is short, this is only a promise for further music – the start of a career is a great time to experiment with sound, and here Pax explores her sonic aesthetic in a post-genre movement that has swept her hometown of London recently. Fortunately, ‘Wavey’ simultaneously provides euphoria and intrigue that prevents it from being lost in the crowd.

4.0 rating
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