Hannah Peel – Fir Wave

It's time to zone out and let the mind wander freely, as nature intended.

Label: My Own Pleasure
Released: 26th March 2021

A far-out escape from this confusing reality, the expansive versatility of ‘Fir Wave’ highlights just what a master of her craft Hannah Peel is.

Watermarked with that effortless ability to cast the listener away from any other distractions, this album features ingenious reinterpretations of the work of electronic pioneers Delia Derbyshire and the Radiophonic Workshop with Peel bringing these once ground-breaking sounds a new life, tailor-made for the 21st century.

The songs mirror the Earth’s ecological cycles through music, as ‘Ecovocative’ in particular seems to span the turning of generational tides – though it’s by no means the only part of the release that could easily form a section of a scientific odyssey.

With a classical music-esque approach throughout, each of the seven tracks is considered and well-thought-out – all of them packed with their own unique shimmer while remaining parts of the same journey. The eight-minute title-track is an adventure in itself, warping around in time and sound with greater depth than most heralded sci-fi novels. This cosmic soundscape is a constant and yet there’s still something of a heart hidden in these mechanic melodies that attract attention as effectively as a warm apple pie in a classic cartoon.

Peel’s history of writing scores and soundtracks is evident, and her instinctive nous for simulating the endorphins needed to feel a sense of serenity is second to none. Perfect listening for when the brain needs to ignore the immediate concerns of the outside world. It’s time to zone out and let the mind wander freely, as nature intended.

3.0 rating
Total Score

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