Her’s – Invitation to Her’s

Positive energy and a whole lot of laughs. 
Label: Heist or Hit Records
Released: 24th August 2018
Rating: ★★★★

Something about Her’s just doesn’t feel quite real. It’s as if their music is trapped in a bizarre time vortex which gives them the remarkable ability to sound cutting edge and yet feel as though they’re paying an homage to a range of some of the most pleasantly chilled tunes from years gone by. 

Despite having such a simple setup, the Liverpool-based pair are able to create a jovial atmosphere, and simultaneously engage your brain with intricate storytelling, told by the many voices of Stephen Fitzpatrick. His ever-changing voice is a real highlight of the Her’s sound while counterpart Auden Laading’s basslines are truly a cut above any of his contemporaries. 

Forever glazed in a dreamy coating, the debut album flourishes due to the strength of individual belters like opener ‘Harvey’, ‘If You Know What’s Right’ which feels so stunningly 80s in the verses, and the enrapturing, gorgeous sounds of ‘Love On The Line (Call Now)’. The simplicity of the drum machine works surprisingly well with the lush guitar melodies as the duo throw in a range of delectable guitar and bass effects to keep you so on your toes it might mean you’re walking funny for a week. 

It’s never really that clear if they consider themselves very serious musicians or two talented friends just larking around and doing whatever they please, the latter seems rather likely, and ultimately it doesn’t really matter as they’ve created something that simply reeks of positive energy and a whole lot of laughs. 

Filled with odes to classic films, former pets (‘Mannie’s Smile’, which also features a riff that Antiques Roadshow fans will LOVE) and a wider range of interesting tales than the Brothers Grimm could have come up with had they been in the studio, Her’s have absolutely blown the game wide open with this truly original slice of genius.

Ciaran Steward

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