Honey Lung – Post Modern Motorcade Music EP

Pretty much what you'd expect from the scuzzy garage rockers – scuzzy garage rock.
Released: 29th May 2020
Rating: ★★★

As band after band push their releases back to a time when we aren’t all locked down, Honey Lung are here to fill the gap with their new EP ‘Post Modern Motorcade Music’, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from the scuzzy garage rockers – scuzzy garage rock.

Well, half of it is. ‘Getting Off’ and ‘Name’ offer a lot less fuzz than the standard Honey Lung track and provide a surprisingly good melodic curveball to the band’s usual output. Unfortunately, this novelty starts to wear thin by ‘Big’, the third track in the same vein, and the paint-by-numbers approach of ‘Be My Friend’ and ‘Juggle’ bizarrely end up feeling like a breath of fresh air.

‘Post Modern Motorcade Music’ is a solid outing for Honey Lung and one that sees them tentatively dipping a toe outside their comfort zone (although admittedly not very far outside it). Having said that, a five-track EP should feel raw and pacey, leaving you wanting more. It’s not a bad collection of songs, but it’s far less exciting than it needs to be to leave a lasting impression.

Jake Hawkes

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