Honne – Warm On A Cold Night

Honne are a band who know exactly what sound they are going for.

Honne are a band who know exactly what sound they are going for.

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Honne - Warm On A Cold Night

Label: Atlantic
Released: July 22nd 2016
Rating: ★★★★

Honne are a band who know exactly what sound they are going for and exactly how they’re going to get there. The London production duo’s long awaited debut album ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ is subtle, deep and evocative in a way that suggests they’ve been doing this pop production game all their lives.

It’s an album that offers repeated charms and provokes different feelings with every listen. The first thing that catches your hear though is the striking voice of singer Andy Clutterbuck. His rich, warm croon is all over the soul pop songs here and gives everything a strong sense of personality and feeling. He’s yearning and vulnerable on the soaring title track while he’s defiant and proud on ’It Ain’t Wrong Loving You’.

The album is designed for romantic evenings, either on the sofa or the night bus home after the club. The seductive nocturnal atmosphere suits songs like ‘Out Of My Control’ that see the soulful vocals set against pared back, non intrusive beats. It doesn’t sound like a cold, computer produced album though. You always get the feeling that it’s a band creating music together in a room despite that not always being the case.

Both members talents complement each other and while the production sounds can be overshadowed by the power of the vocals they slowly emerge over time. It’s an album that offers a passage into Honne’s own world. One of the album’s highlights is the only time they let someone else into that world. Brits critics choice nominee Izzy Bizzu provides a show stealing vocal turn on the stirring single ‘Someone That Loves You’.

‘Warm On A Cold Night’ is very much an album built for an environment and specific circumstances. It might not sound quite so alluring while waiting for the bus home on a rainy Wednesday night after work but give it the right mood and the right occasion and it’s an album that wonderfully comes to life. Martyn Young

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