Human Interest – Empathy Lives In Outer Space EP

This six-track collection oozes cool and character.

Label: Nice Swan Records
Released: 24th November 2023

One of East London’s most exciting upcoming fits, Human Interest’s trademark scuzzy rock’n’roll sound appears to have fully crystallised with the arrival of their second EP ‘EMPATHY LIVES IN OUTERSPACE’. Adding yet more charm to their already-addictive discography, this six-track collection oozes cool and character, and entails some of their catchiest hooks to date. 

The pulsating rhythm of ‘Step On’ welcomes us in, a guitar-driven track in which Harrison and Tyler’s voices meld together so seamlessly they sound like one harmonic entity. ‘Slacker’s Paradise’ is infectiously fun, and the track’s witty lyrics observing what it is to be a human navigating modern life feel quite apt considering the band’s name. ‘All My Friends’ is an introspective ode to the universality of sadness and depression, and the way it builds a sort of comforting camaraderie between band and listener with its disarmingly honest lyrics makes the song a highlight. Bass-led ‘Mixing Paint’ is particularly cool, opening with slick acapella vocals and crescendoing into soaring Pixies-esque guitars; and ‘So Smart’ feels destined to become a live anthem. At over five minutes long, you’ll be guaranteed to break a sweat in the mosh pit that this song will inevitably open.

Throughout, instrumentals create a warm sonic ambience that feels almost summery, and the EP as a whole feels like it could be a cosy accompaniment to the coming winter months. With lullaby-esque ‘Grounded’ rounding off the collection, ‘EMPATHY LIVES IN OUTERSPACE’ is down to earth, feel-good, and one to be returned to again and again. It feels safe to say that for Human Interest, an exciting future awaits.

4.0 rating
Total Score
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