Hussy – Hussy EP

A meticulously crafted lo-fi indie record.

Label: Rock Hag
Released: 23rd July 2021

Professional sad girl and galvanising one-woman-band Hussy takes complete ownership of her sound in a sweeping self-titled EP that absorbs listeners into a meticulously crafted lo-fi indie record, fleshing out broad worlds with diminished guitars and well-balanced vocals which embody an urgent sense of desperation.

A sombre introduction explodes into a cathartic chorus on ‘I Tried’, Hussy’s magnum opus on this release. Whining, heart-tugging instrumentals beg for your attention before whirling into a storm of distress – cluttered string layers drag the tension to the forefront alongside an anthemic howl of “break my heart”, delivered through a passion that does exactly that.

Angelic vocals dance around experimental tinkering; delicate ringing drifts across through the atmosphere, complemented by light piano, fluttering synths and an all-encompassing glisten that creeps up unexpectedly. Dynamics are explored theatrically, and Hussy is blatantly pushing her sound engineering abilities in order to personify her own stresses through music.

An audible form of Xanax in alluring doses, the ‘Hussy’ EP sits you under a dark, brooding sky but searches for promise in gleaming stars. It would be easy to benchmark it against existing records, but this adoptive South Londoner stamps her own presence onto a vibe already proven to entice and seduce.

3.0 rating
Total Score

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