iDKHOW – Razzmatazz

Dallon Weekes is a master showman.

Label: Fearless Records
Released: 23rd October 2020

There are two ways to tackle iDKHOW’s debut album.

Sure, you can buy into ‘the story’ – footage of a mysterious band, gathered between 1964 and 1983 and released out of sequence – and that’s all sorts of fun. It detracts from the more exciting truth at hand, though: Dallon Weekes is a master showman. 

Tackled head-on, iDKHOW are an alt-pop sensation no-longer in waiting. The fact Weekes spent near a decade in Panic! At The Disco would make it easy to draw lines of lineage, but he’s already punching beyond those sequin sparkled boundaries. Showbiz shimmer and knowing winks are distributed freely. ‘Nobody Likes the Opening Band’ is a self-lampooning ear-worm, while ‘New Intervention’, ‘Mad IQs’ and ‘Lights Go Down’ head up a list of immediate anthems. 

We may not know how they found them, but we’re glad they did. 

5.0 rating
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