Jade Bird – Jade Bird

At just 21, Bird has a worldly knowledge to her tones well beyond her years.
Label: Glassnote
Released: 19th April 2019
Rating: ★★★★

With an instantly recognisable voice that could send walls tumbling, Jade Bird has rocketed onto the scene with the ferocity of a tightly-wound catapult. The smart money would be on her not coming down any time soon, as her eponymous debut fires out more sure things than the trusty Smith and Wesson.

That raspy vocal sound channelling Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry at the top of their games, set over sounds that Dolly Patron would be proud to be involved with, is utterly transfixing. At just 21, Bird has a worldly knowledge to her tones well beyond her years – the most seasoned traveller would tip their hat without a doubt.

It’s unusual to see a release built on a foundation of blues standards bringing in the punters this side of the Atlantic, yet this stand-out approach takes the LP into reaches others would fear to tread.

Previous singles ‘Lottery’ and ‘I Get No Joy’ are filled with an array of moments of lyrical genius and both come equipped with a delivery so powerful it’d do some considerable damage to even the sturdiest letterbox.

On brief occasions, the album strays slightly, and certain sections feel a little too replaceable that wouldn’t be out of place in someone else’s hands, however, when that Americana edge presents itself there’s no doubting who’s running the show.

‘Does Anybody Know’ is a gorgeous stripped-back delight which sees that vocals and acoustic guitar combination really go under the spotlight, resulting in an enrapturing ballad that’s unlikely to leave a dry eye in a single house on the street.

There’s not a person out there capable of replicating this kind of passion, and Bird’s character comes bounding through as if she were ripped from a Mark Twain novel. Sleep on this at your peril, missing out on a talent this phenomenal would be a truly unforgivable sin.

Ciaran Steward

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