Jordana – Something To Say To You

Not only does she push the boundaries of bedroom pop, but she pushes her own boundaries, too.

Released: 4th December 2020

Separating her debut album into two halves, Jordana’s ‘… To You’ EP doesn’t just finish the sentence ‘Something To Say’ started, but actively responds to it. The beauty of splitting a release is the structure it gives an artist to separate their work. In this case, Jordana divides the two parts by both mood and subject matter. ‘Something To Say’ is self-reflective and thoughtful, whereas ‘…To You’ speaks to self-empowerment.

The growth and strength in ‘Something To Say’ acts almost as therapy, allowing Jordana to compartmentalise as it traverses trauma from past relationships to find confidence once more. This is particularly evident in ‘Divine’, where Jordana manifests by rewriting her own mantra: “Someday I’ll find, somewhere divine.”

Her exhaustion is more than evident on ‘Fuck You’, which is ironic because sonically it’s a relatively calm angry break-up song. Yet, it’s almost as if Jordana’s sarcastically smiling while uttering ‘Fuck you, fuck your shitty tattoos, fuck you, fuck the way that you move, fuck you, I bet that you think you’re so smooth”. Smile through the pain Jordana; you got this.

There’s also a healthy dose of taking responsibility in the EP as ‘Decline’ tells the tale of learning from past mistakes and teaching us all a big lesson in accountability: “Can’t you see I’m trying to make things right?”

The relatability of this record lies in the raw honesty Jordana exposes in her songwriting; opening up about personal battles and relationship struggles. Not only does she push the boundaries of bedroom pop, with a new wave 90s influence and the addition of cinematic strings, but she pushes her own boundaries, too.

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