The Julie Ruin – Hit Reset

Fierce. Biting. Witty. Fun.

Fierce. Biting. Witty. Fun.


The Julie Ruin - Hit Reset

Label: Hardly Art
Released: July 8th 2016
Rating: ★★★★

Fierce. Biting. Witty. Fun. When it comes to The Julie Ruin, these descriptions go hand in hand with the band, and ‘Hit Reset’ cranks all that’s good about them up that little bit further.
On one hand, they’re more infectious than ever as they dodge a sophomore slump, dancing and bounding their way through sugary sweet tracks, with audible laughter due as some of the lyrics take you on a ride (looking at you, ‘Mr So and So’, and the feminist-not-feminist guy). On the other, it’s bearing the soul a little bit more on Kathleen Hanna’s part, a sign of her comfort with her bandmates that pierces through with honest lyricism and risk-taking.

From the almost 8-bit intro of ‘I’m Done’ to the playground girl gang chants of ‘Hit Reset’, Hanna’s vocals are biting and playful all at once, her spat “I don’t think you’re sorry” surrounded by all shades of rock and quirk to the point that you can’t help but be sucked in. ‘Let Me Go’ has a summer swing, where closer ballad ‘Calverton’ shifts gears to say goodbye. But that goodbye doesn’t last all that long, as you’ll aptly delve straight back in time and time again and find an enjoyable album only getting better.
”If you really love me, I’d really, really rather not know,” says Hanna on ‘Rather Not’. In that case, we’ll say no more. Heather McDaid

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