Junodream – Pools Of Colour

A declarative release affirming Junodream's long-running status as one of the most interesting bands out there.

Label: AWAL Recordings
Released: 26th January 2024

‘Space-rock’ devotees Junodream have been building momentum for a few years, releasing heavily atmospheric tunes that have steadily established a formidable discography and raised eyebrows across the country. Their debut album is another beast entirely, not just hinting at the promise of talent but delivering on it in droves.

The ten tracks that define ‘Pools of Colour’ divulge into varying thematic territories, with personal reflections and commentary on global systems arriving as poignantly as each other. Still, an overarching sense of confusion with and frustration at the modern world binds them together into a powerful vision well worth exploring.

Songs like lead single ‘The Beach’ seek space for quiet reflection, pensively shaping a deep soundscape that never quite lets listeners out of its grasp. The stirring tones of ‘Kitchen Sink Drama’ juxtapose this with unfiltered desperation, and its fast pace shows what Junodream’s version of a ‘banger’ sounds like. Hidden gems lie within every groove of the tracklist, waiting to become your new favourite of this cohesive, consistent work; the joy of this discovery must be felt first-hand.

Pulling sonically from Pink Floyd and lyrically from Radiohead, Junodream twist a timeless style into something very current and exciting. A record focusing on the impact of scale, ‘Pools of Colour’ can push you into a claustrophobic headspace as easily as it can open your eyes to the world above, both of which are done through the lens of alienation on 21st Century Earth. Closing with the immense euphoria of ‘The Orange’, these opposing forces merge into one as an escape is finally discovered within your mind.

Moments of calm and massive storms are equally well crafted, all beautiful in their simplicity but unique in their elegance. As ambitious a record as longtime followers had ever hoped they could pull off, this is a declarative release affirming Junodream’s long-running status as one of the most interesting bands out there, never afraid to experiment with any facet of their being, and yet curating a voice so singularly potent it’s difficult to comprehend how much this four-piece has still to give.

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