Kagoule – Strange Entertainment

These three years have pushed Kagoule further into the realms of experimentation.
Label: Alcopop! Records
Released: 26th October 2018
Rating: ★★★★

Kagoule’s second full-length, ‘Strange Entertainment’ has been a long wait. Immediately from the space rock delivered on single ‘Egg Hunt’, it’s evident that the Nottingham-bred trio are far removed from the 90s grunge influence of their debut ‘Urth’. These three years have pushed Kagoule further into the realms of experimentation, with their songwriting far more refined.

Bassist Lucy Hatter’s vocals lead on ‘It’s Not My Day’, a considerably stripped backtrack for the band but one that stands out as one of the best on the record turning the fuzz full on in the chorus. The track offers sensitivity and honesty in a way the band haven’t broached before, and it’s a treat. ‘Monsieur Automaton’ is another highlight, an angular number with told-you-so chants of ‘It’s a no-brainer’, bestowed with thumping basslines and static guitars. Lead vocalist Cai’s robotic vocals offer you a hand, leading you further into Kagoule’s world of unusualness. ‘Repent! Said The Insect Man’ is also a perplexing feat, with a heaviness that dips its feet into post-hardcore territory.

‘Strange Entertainment’ rides on systematic refrains and harmonies, to avant-garde punk that has pushed the boundaries of what it can explore. Although Kagoule have never been conformist, declaring their originality from a young age, their debut seems considerably safe in comparison to the oddities explored here.

Jasleen Dhindsa

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