Kid Kapichi – Here’s What You Could Have Won

Kid Kapichi might just take your head off.

Label: Spinefarm
Released: 23rd September 2022

Kid Kapichi have never been shy, retiring or especially polished about things, but on their new album ‘Here’s What You Could Have Won’, they’re happy getting messy.

Biting back against the bastards, from opener ‘New England” – a team up with the vital Bob Vylan – it’s a state of the nation address that suffers no fools. From ‘Party At No. 10’ to the frantic ‘Smash The Gaff’, what it lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in raw, fuck off energy.

A cathartic release, sometimes the best tool for the job is a well-aimed half-brick and a strong arm. Kid Kapichi might just take your head off.

4.0 rating
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