Lande Hekt – Going to Hell

Lande Hekt sings volumes in her debut album, ‘Going to Hell’.

Label: Get Better Records
Released: 22nd January 2021

With a soft tone, Lande Hekt sings volumes in her debut album, ‘Going to Hell’. A soulful and deeply personal collection of songs that cover sentiments like heartache, coming to terms with being gay, and getting angry about climate change. Rather than dwelling on these feelings with downtrodden tunes, Hekt provides comfort to listeners in the form of relatable, illustrative lyrics and lively music.

The titular track is a glistening example of Hekt’s acute analysis and honest articulation of deeply nuanced emotions. Namely, the frustration and injustice of coming out in a largely conservative community. “You want to find love, but you won’t get permission from the god above.” Meaning resonates from simple lyrics like this throughout the album because Hekt sings in terms we understand. When she tells us “I live my life for other people, not in a good way, in a really shit fucking way.” it’s blunt but it’s all that we need to form a profound empathy with the singer. There’s a sincerity that reminds us we aren’t alone in our feelings and nor should we be, because Lande Hekt has been exactly where we are.

‘Going to Hell’ also has the power to inspire politically. ‘In The Darkness’ is an overt call to arms, asking listeners to broaden their knowledge on society’s failings and use the strength of democracy for positive change. Still, Hekt sees no need to raise her tone, but instead utilises her honeyed voice to hit the message home. The album’s music acts as an ideal emphasis for the humble vibe of the vocals. Mostly composed of acoustic guitar and steady drums, goodhearted music encompasses a large portion of the tracks to make them that much warmer to hear.

There are no secrets kept from the listener in ‘Going to Hell’. Lande Hekt has poured all her insecurities, anxieties and anger into these songs and the product is a set of comforting anthems that act as a companion through the most difficult of emotions.

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