At every moment LANY find a unique way to transcribe pain and love.

At every moment LANY find a unique way to transcribe pain and love.

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Label: Polydor Records
Released: 23rd June 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Heartbreak is certainly at its most powerful when engulfed in a world of its own. That mantra can radiate through life, talks, the chat you have with a mate or in this case music – and it’s undeniably powerful. Stripping back the facade and pride is exactly where LANY sit, a band connected to the core of human emotion at every flick and affliction that continue to deliver powerhouses one after the other. After the EPs, after the devoted live shows, what’s left is a raw canvas to explore – and after all the talk and shines, LANY’s self-titled debut delivers on the introspective moments in abundance.

Intoxicating from start to finish, what ‘LANY’ skills is that knack of finding vulnerability in the most shimmering of moments. Whether it’s ‘The Breakup’, ‘Good Girls’ or ‘Hurts’, at every moment LANY find a unique way to transcribe pain and love in a manner that speaks volumes in an age of emotional battles, where right is no longer wrong and the distinct natural instinct is all we have. Speaking straight from the soul ‘LANY’ confirms their status as a band unafraid of bearing emotions, building on the numerous EPs with a dense body of work where synth-lead harmonies shine throughout, dipped in a grab-to-the-bone immediacy that builds over the album’s packed building of numbers. ‘Super Far’ delivers on shadow screened beats, whilst ‘Hericane’ and ‘Hurts’ build and hit with an emotional dagger that’ll grab on first listen. It’s an undeniable hook, with the potent screens of ‘ILYSB’, ‘Good Girls’ and ‘The Breakup’ as infectious as any, all unveiling a world that screams for people to throw away what they know and start again.

Say ‘Flowers On The Floor’. Say ‘Purple Teeth’. Say ‘Overtime’ – the result is the same. LANY’s debut is an encompassing portfolio for figuring out the world envisioned ahead of us. It requires investment, but the results are staggering – LANY have delivered an uncompromising spotlight on the various shades of the human soul. As it’s wrapping up, you’ll want to embrace in every flick and motion triggered in the modern world a-coming. Jamie Muir

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