Laundromat – Green EP

This is an EP that can really hit home, without taking itself too seriously.

Label: Brace Yourself Records
Released: 27th November 2020

Green often symbolises new beginnings, and in a year so full of change yet somehow so mundanely repetitive, new beginnings often bring a refreshing break. In the case of Brighton’s Tony Hayes AKA Laundromat, his new EP does just that. Following on from previous EP ‘Blue’ earlier in the year, ‘Green’ brings a similar bedroom-recording-esque charm, coupled with self-deprecating lyrics and resolving basslines to create an everyman album with a bit of edge.

Exploring repetition with a sense of style, the EP reviews relationships and mental health with a gripping feeling of catharsis. Opening track ‘Bureau De Fatigue’ is a fresh reflection of a disapproving inner monologue. Fuzzy, yet relaxed vocals bring a cool, collected sense of ease, while unrelenting rhythms coupled with repetitive guitar riffs provide a slow, simple hook.

Overall, there’s a lot to be said for the effective sound Hayes has created. Through taking simplistic elements, he has teased out some great quirks, which have cumulatively created a smooth style that is recognisably his own. He’s cracked the ability to get a laid-back riff stuck in your head without being too in your face. This is an EP that can really hit home, without taking itself too seriously.

3.0 rating
Total Score

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