Laura Groves – A Private Road EP

It's hard to feel alone as you explore 'A Private Road'.

Label: Bella Union
Released: 4th December 2020

Five years since the release of her last project, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Laura Groves has returned with her best work yet. Largely self-produced, ‘A Private Road’ is a glittering expanse of celestial soundscapes; Groves’ talent as a producer is indisputable, and each song she conjures is a heavenly entity.

Opening track ‘Infinite Wisdom’ is nothing short of pop perfection — Groves’ dreamy vocals flit gracefully above saccharine guitars and an intoxicating bassline, with a rhythm that pulls you into a trance and commands you to move. This is where the EP takes flight, quickly reaching its peak, but the rest of ‘A Private Road’ cruises at a breathtaking altitude. Shut your eyes while ‘Faking It’ plays and you’ll find yourself viewing Earth from above, floating through the twinkling cosmos for what seems like an eternity. ‘Searching for the Stars’ is deliberately vacant, turning away from the shine for a quiet moment of introspection, but no less ethereal than any of the other tracks.

The songwriting is subtle yet effective as she retraces memories and pinpoints the sharpest emotions, smoothing their edges into something gentler. While the production is up in space, her lyrics are firmly rooted in the ground; explicitly human and beautifully sincere, tender enough to heal all wounds. Groves’ soothing presence is felt throughout, like a guide towards the light – it’s hard to feel alone as you explore ‘A Private Road’.

4.0 rating
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