Lauran Hibberd – Goober EP

Charmingly fun slacker-pop.

Label: eOne
Released: 30th July 2021

“Goober” is an affectionate word for a fool, which avid watchers of Spongebob Squarepants will probably know already. This serves as a fitting title, then, for a five-track EP that continues to maintain a trademark façade of buffoonery, underselling Lauran’s smart lyricisms and charmingly fun slacker-pop tone with entertaining and somewhat scandalous stories from her aberrant life and vivid imagination.

The overarching sound continues to encapsulate the best elements of noughties pop-rock nostalgia without it feeling dated, using Avril Lavigne as a clear influence in the best way possible. ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ in particular delivers perhaps her strongest track yet with screeching guitars and a roaring chorus, as well as verses swapping between Lauran and Lydia Night; this smart and fitting collaboration allows the pair to bounce off each other’s energy stunningly effectively on the inevitable lockdown song here.

Goofy rock choruses have been mastered at this point and consistently bring the vigour required, but fortunately, there’s also enough sonic variation to keep ‘Goober’ interesting as it unfolds – starting with an almost spoken-word banger (‘Bleugh’) and ending with a semi-ballad (‘You Never Looked So Cool’) certainly helps to bookend the experience.

As the artwork implies, Lauran Hibberd is still growing to full power and, if these bopping tunes are any indication of the future, her next steps should be followed very closely.

4.0 rating
Total Score

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